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FROM: British Columbia
Organization: BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA) page has information on how to apply for welfare in BC. Eligibility for BC Employment and Assistance programs is based on your income and assets.
Keywords: income assistance
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: StudentAid BC - Ministry of Advanced Education
The federal and provincial government offer programs that can help you repay your Canada and B.C. student loans. Some are debt management programs designed for people having difficulty making their...
Keywords: debt management, interest relief, loan forgiveness, loan reduction, repayment assistance programs, student loans
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Service Canada
Almost all individuals who work in Canada contribute to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The CPP provides pensions and benefits when contributors retire, become disabled, or die.
Keywords: CPP, disability benefits, pension, survivor benefits
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Service Canada
A CPP retirement pension is a monthly benefit paid to people who have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan. The pension is designed to replace about 25 percent of the earnings on which a person's...
Keywords: CPP, retirement
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Service Canada
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits provide a monthly taxable benefit to contributors who are disabled and to their dependent children.
Keywords: Canadian Pension Plan, CPP, disability benefits
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: CanLearn
Need help paying for school? Government student loans and grants are a great way to get help when financing your full or part-time education. The website also provides information on loan repayment.
Keywords: student grants, student loans, student scholarships
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: BC Transit
handyDART is part of the Accessible Services offered from your local transit service. Many handyDART customers use a combination of fixed-route and handyDART services depending on their travel needs...
Keywords: accessible transportation, HandyDart, public transit, taxi services
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: Community Living BC
CLBC is a provincial crown agency that helps individuals with development disabilities, children with special needs and their families achieve goals and live the life they want. They can help them...
Keywords: children with special needs, community living, development disabilities
FROM: Québec
Organization: Régie des rentes du Québec
If you are deemed to be disabled, you could be entitled to benefits or refunds. Find out what the Québec Pension Plan, your supplemental pension plan, your locked-in retirement account (LIRA) or your...
Keywords: disability assistance, Persons with Disabilities, PWD
FROM: Saskatchewan
Organization: Government of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) provides an income for persons with significant and long-term disabilities separate from the Saskatchewan Assistance Program (SAP). Beginning June...
Keywords: assured income, disability support, Persons with Disabilities, PWD
FROM: Ontario
Organization: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
If municipalities have experienced extraordinary damage to public infrastructure due to a natural disaster, they should contact their local Municipal Services Office of the Ministry of Municipal...
Keywords: disaster relief, financial assistance
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Service Canada
To support economic growth and meet the challenges associated with both an aging population and growing international competition for skilled workers, the Government of Canada is taking action to...
Keywords: EI changes, variable best weeks
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Service Canada
As of January 6th, 2013, the Conservative government has made new rules for EI recipients in a program they call Connecting Canadians with Available Jobs. They have made some stricter rules around...
Keywords: ei, Employment Insurance
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: BC Housing
The Emergency Shelter Program provides funding to homeless shelters and drop-in centres that help reconnect people who are homeless to housing and support services in addition to offering temporary...
Keywords: emergency shelters
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
The Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal hears appeals of the Ministry of Housing and Social Development reconsideration decisions that refuse, reduce or discontinue income, disability...
Keywords: child care subsidy appeal, disability appeal, welfare appeal
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Service Canada
Employment Insurance (EI) provides Compassionate Care Benefits to persons who have to be away from work temporarily to provide care or support to a family member who is gravely ill with a significant...
Keywords: compassionate care, ei, Employment Insurance, ill family member
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Service Canada
Employment Insurance (EI) provides Regular Benefits to individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own (for example, due to shortage of work, seasonal or mass lay-offs) and are...
Keywords: ei, regular benefits
FROM: Ontario
Organization: Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services
We know that many people with disabilities can work and want to work. That's why there are Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports. If you: have a disability, and can work and want to...
Keywords: disability support, employment supports
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: BC Ministry of Health
BC PharmaCare helps British Columbians with the cost of eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies. One of the most comprehensive drug programs in Canada, it provides reasonable...
Keywords: health, pharmacare
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
This guide explains how to apply for status and what benefits you are eligible to receive under the Indian Act.
Keywords: aboriginal benefits, status