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FROM: Saskatchewan
Organization: Saskatchewan Housing Corporation
The Social Housing Program offers rental housing, commonly referred to as “social housing”, for people with low incomes or people who are victims of abuse. The rent is based on a tenant’s income —...
Keywords: affordable housing, family housing, low income housing, social housing
FROM: Yukon
Organization: Yukon Housing Corporation
Yukon Housing Corporation's social housing program is primarily for low-income individuals, families and seniors in need who cannot obtain affordable and suitable housing on the private housing...
Keywords: low income housing, social housing
FROM: Québec
Organization: The Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MESS)
Under Solidarité sociale services, financial assistance is granted to individuals and families incapable of meeting their needs without help. Through active partnership, Solidarité sociale also...
Keywords: social assisance
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: Ministry of Advanced Education
StudentAid BC helps eligible students with the cost of their post-secondary education through loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships and special programs. It also has programs for borrowers who need...
Keywords: student loans
FROM: Alberta
Organization: Government of Alberta - Municipal Affairs
The Alberta Housing Act gives local housing management bodies responsibility for the day-to-day operation of housing programs, such as, the acceptance of applications. To identify the management body...
Keywords: family housing, seniors housing, special needs housing, subsidized housing
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: BC Transit and TransLink
The Taxi Saver Program provides registered handyDART clients with greater convenience for spontaneous travel when handyDART cannot accommodate their travel needs. This program provides a 50 per cent...
Keywords: HandyDart, public transit, Taxi Saver Program, transportation
FROM: Yukon
Organization: Yukon Health and Social Services
If you are a Yukon resident and are receiving or are eligible to receive Social Assistance, you may also be eligible to receive the Territorial Supplementary Allowance, (TSA). To be eligible: *...
Keywords: disability benefit
FROM: Ontario
Organization: City of Toronto
The Toronto Rent Bank provides limited, interest free loans and to seniors, individuals, and families facing imminent eviction for rental arrears. The maximum loan is two months rent. The Rent Bank...
FROM: Northwest Territories
Organization: Northwest Territories Housing Corporation (NWTHC)
The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation (NWTHC) is pleased to provide the Transitional Rent Supplement Program (TRSP). This program aims to support low to moderate income residents living in...
Keywords: affordable housing, nwt, rent supplement
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: TRAC
The Residential Tenancy Act requires your landlord to provide you with a written tenancy agreement, so that you have proof of what you and your landlord agreed to. Before signing make sure you can...
Keywords: chinese, Punjabi, tenancy agreements
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: Vancouver Native Housing Society
VNHS’s mandate is to provide safe, secure and affordable housing. Although the organization's original and ongoing mandate is to focus on the housing needs of the urban Aboriginal community they have...
Keywords: aboriginal housing, low income housing, social housing
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: The Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC)
The Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) has 42 buildings which have been built or acquired over the past 25 years to provide housing for low income families, seniors and persons with special...
Keywords: public housing, subsidized housing
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: BC Transit
The Victoria Regional Transit System offers a full range of accessible transportation options for seniors and people with disabilities. These options include low-floor buses, community shuttle buses...
Keywords: accessible transportation, HandyDart, public transit, taxi services, transportation
FROM: All of Canada
Organization: Elections Canada
To vote, you must prove your identity and address. You have three options to prove this. See the website for more information.
Keywords: elections, Government Policy, voting
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: BC Transit
The Whistler transit system offers various accessibility features for those using it. See the website for more details.
Keywords: accessible transportation, public transit
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: BC Housing
Transition Houses provide: Emotional support and crisis intervention Safe, temporary shelter with 24/7 staffing Help in accessing housing, child care, schooling, parenting support and financial,...
Keywords: emergency housing, safe homes, second stage housing, transition house, violence against women, women fleeing violence, women's transition houses
FROM: British Columbia
Organization: WorkBC
Our Employment Services Centres are here to support you in getting a job as quickly as possible — and keeping it. Here's how to find us and discover more about our services. The first step in...
Keywords: income assistance, job training, skills development
FROM: Prince Edward Island
Organization: Workers Compensation Board of PEI
The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Prince Edward Island provides: workplace injury and illness insurance for Island workers liability protection for Island employers occupational health and...
Keywords: workers compensation
FROM: Manitoba
Organization: Workers' Compensation Board of Manitoba
The workers compensation system is an injury and disability insurance system for workers and employers, paid for by employers.
Keywords: WCB, workers' compensation
FROM: Alberta
Organization: Workers' Compensation Board - Alberta
The Workers’ Compensation Board - Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that helps injured workers return to work as quickly and as safely as possible, while providing financial compensation for...
Keywords: injured workers, WCB, workers' compensation