Find an Advocate - Alberta - Immigrants and refugees

Location: Calgary , AB , 100, 840 - 7th Avenue S.W
Type(s) of Advocacy: Disability, Employment and Unemployment, Family, Housing and Tenants, Immigrants and Refugees, Legal Aid, Legal Assistance, Legal Info (PLEI), Seniors and Elders, Violence, Welfare
Telephone: (403) 234-9266
Advocacy Description: Provides free legal advice for individuals with low income who do not qualify for Legal Aid. Advice and information on family, criminal, civil issues, including orders of protection, and benefit such...
Location: , AB
Type(s) of Advocacy: Family, Immigrants and Refugees, Legal Aid, Legal Assistance
Telephone: (780) 644-4971 - Provincial Office
Advocacy Description: The Legal Aid Society of Alberta can help with civil, criminal, family and immigration problems. They operate Legal Services Centres in various locations throughout Alberta. You can access a Legal...
Tags: civil law, criminal law, family law