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Location: Nanaimo , BC , #114 - 285 Prideaux Street
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Housing and Tenants, Legal Assistance, Legal Info (PLEI), Welfare
Telephone: 250-753-2321
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Advocacy Description: Nanaimo Citizen Advocacy has been providing services in the mid-Vancouver Island since the early 1970s. The services provided include but are not limited to: •General and crisis advocacy •The...
Location: Surrey , BC , #1107, 7330 – 137th Street
Type(s) of Advocacy: Employment and Unemployment, Family, Health, Immigrants and Refugees, Multicultural, Women, Workers
Telephone: (604) 597-0205
Main Site Office Hours: Monday and Friday – 8:30am - 4:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 8:30am-9:00pm
Advocacy Description: DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society (formally Surrey Delta Immigrant Services Society) offers counselling, employment, outreach and other services.
Tags: clinic, job training, settlement services, translation
Location: Vancouver , BC , #204 - 456 West Broadway
Type(s) of Advocacy: Disability, Seniors and Elders
Telephone: 604-872-1278
Other Telephone: TTY line (hearing impaired only) 604-875-8835
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
Advocacy Description: The Advocacy Access Program at Disability Alliance BC (formerly BC Coalition of People with Disabilities) has been a place of support, information and advocacy for people with all disabilities. They...
Tags: CPP Disability Benefits, Persons with Disabilities, Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers, PPMB, PWD
Location: Vancouver , BC , 2982 Nanaimo Street
Type(s) of Advocacy: Aboriginal and First Nations, Legal Assistance, Prisoners
Telephone: 604-251-7200
Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Advocacy Description: Provides restorative justice and other alternative justice programs, as well as other resources for Aboriginal people in Vancouver. There is also an Aboriginal Homeless Outreach Worker.
Tags: aboriginal justice, restorative justice
Location: Vancouver , BC , 370 – 1199 West Pender Street
Type(s) of Advocacy: Legal Assistance, Seniors and Elders, Violence
Telephone: Seniors Information & Help Line: 604-437-1940 (local) | 1-866-437-1940 (toll free)
Advocacy Description: BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support is a non-profit organization delivering programs and initiatives that work to prevent elder abuse. We advocate for legal and social justice for older adults....
Tags: elder abuse, elder law clinic, senior's help line, victim services
Location: Prince George , BC , 1188 6th Ave
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Disability, Welfare
Telephone: (250) 563-6112
Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Closed Wednesdays. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed for lunch from noon - 1 p.m.)
Advocacy Description: Provide general advocacy services including welfare and disability appeal, tenant advocacy, and tribunal representation. There is also a shelter available.
Tags: shelter
Location: Victoria , BC , 948 View Street
Type(s) of Advocacy: Disability, Legal Assistance
Telephone: (250) 383-4105
Mon to Fri, 9 am - 4 pm
Advocacy Description: Provides advocacy to people with disabilities, support and assistance to ensure full participation in community and society in general, and information enabling people to access services to which...
Tags: disability advocacy, low income
Location: Vancouver , BC , 56 E. Hastings St
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Family, Legal Assistance, Women
Telephone: 604-428-9202
Advocacy Description: Information, advice & referrals: Family law, Ministry of Children & Families (MCFD), minor criminal law issues (incl. victims of crime), Aboriginal law, Police Complaints, Ombudsperson...
Tags: criminal law, family law
Location: Surrey , BC , #102 13771 72A Ave
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Disability, Housing and Tenants, Immigrants and Refugees, Legal Assistance, Mental Health, Welfare
Telephone: Newton Resource Centre: 604.596.2311
Advocacy Description: Sources Advocacy Programs will provide support, assistance, and information for people on Income Assistance or with low incomes, including Homeless Prevention, Mental Health Advocacy, Disability...
Tags: criminal law, Homeless prevention, poverty law, pro bono legal clinic, tax
Location: Williams Lake , BC , 51A – 4th Avenue South
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Disability, Family, Housing and Tenants, Legal Assistance, Welfare, Women
Telephone: (250) 392-4118 - Williams Lake
Advocacy Description: The Women's Contact Society has a legal advocacy program that offers direct advocacy to individuals female and male and their families to assist them with legal issues not covered by legal aid....
Location: Victoria , BC , 471 Cecelia Road
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Family, Housing and Tenants, Welfare
Telephone: (250) 388-5251
Open Monday - Friday 7:30am to 9pm Saturday 9:30am to 12:30pm
Advocacy Description: The Burnside Gorge Housing Outreach assists families that are homeless or about to be homeless with initial needs by advocating with employment and assistance workers, landlords, hotel managers, and...
Tags: homeless
Location: Province-wide , BC
Type(s) of Advocacy: Disability, Employment and Unemployment, Immigrants and Refugees, Seniors and Elders, Welfare
Telephone: (250) 387-6121 (Victoria)
Other Telephone: (604) 660-2421 (Vancouver)
Advocacy Description: The BC government ministry in charge of services such as welfare and disability.
Location: Revelstoke , BC
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Children and Youth, Family, Legal Assistance, Mental Health, Seniors and Elders, Welfare
Telephone: (250) 837-4779
8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday
Advocacy Description: We offer free of charge advocacy services in the Columbia/Kootenay regions in BC Canada. Our focus areas are in family law, child welfare,mental health, and seniors issues. We will also do Income...
Location: Chilliwack , BC , 9046 Young Rd.
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Addictions, Disability, Employment and Unemployment, Family, Health, Housing and Tenants, Legal Aid, Legal Assistance, Multicultural, Prisoners, Seniors and Elders, Violence, Welfare, Women
Telephone: (604) 792-2760
Advocacy Description: Advocacy services provide help with: ◾Supreme or provincial court issues ◾Income assistance, custody & access, peace bonds & restraining orders ◾Ministry for Children & Family ◾Housing...
Location: Chilliwack , BC , 8937 School Street
The Village - Youth Services entrance
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Disability, Employment and Unemployment, Legal Assistance, Legal Info (PLEI), Seniors and Elders, Welfare
Telephone: 604-702-2907
Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 4:30
Advocacy Description: Chilliwack's Community Legal Advocacy Centre is part of Abbotsford Community Services. Information, advice, referrals & representation on a variety of issues including: Income assistance -...
Location: Maple Ridge , BC , 22318 McIntosh Avenue
Type(s) of Advocacy: Crisis Services, Housing and Tenants, Legal Assistance, Violence, Welfare, Women
Telephone: (604) 467-9939
Advocacy Description: Provides women with practical information, advocacy and help with linking to services such as housing, legal services, income assistance, counseling and other community resources.
Location: 100 Mile House , BC
Type(s) of Advocacy: Crisis Services, Violence, Women
Telephone: (250) 395-4093
Advocacy Description: Provides information and referrals to women and families in the community; violence and abuse counselling for women and their partners, and a Safe House for women and children leaving abusive...
Location: Vancouver , BC , 1424 Commercial Dr
PO Box 21503
Type(s) of Advocacy: Aboriginal and First Nations, Crisis Services, Employment and Unemployment, Immigrants and Refugees, Legal Aid, Legal Assistance, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Multicultural, Seniors and Elders, Violence, Welfare, Women
Telephone: Crisis and Intake line: 604.687.1867
Mon to Fri 10am to 5pm Wed 10am to 8pm Closed Stat Holidays Closed Sundays
Advocacy Description: Battered Women's Support Services provides support and advocacy for women who have experienced abuse. Programs: •Support Groups •Counselling •Indigenous Women’s Programs •Women’s Safety and Outreach...
Tags: aboriginal women, counselling, crisis support, domestic violence, social enterprise, support groups, violence against women
Location: Kelowna , BC ,
PO Box 20193 RPO Towne Centre
Type(s) of Advocacy: Crisis Services, Women
Telephone: (250) 763-1040
Advocacy Description: Emergency accommodation for women and children leaving an abusive situation. Emergency advocacy and information services available for clients. Also operates the Kelowna Women’s Shelter Thrift Store...
Location: Telegraph Creek , BC , 24 Sawtooth Road
P.O. Box 59
Type(s) of Advocacy: General Advocacy, Aboriginal and First Nations, Crisis Services, Mental Health, Violence, Women
Telephone: (250) 235-3805
Other Telephone: Crisis Line: (250) 235-3113
Advocacy Description: A non-profit organization which provides National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) services, mental health services, and shelter services for women involved in domestic violence.