Find an Advocate - Canada-wide - Workers

Location: Rexdale , ON , 300-61 International Blvd.
Type(s) of Advocacy: Employment and Unemployment, Immigrants and Refugees, Workers
Telephone: 416-674-8218
Advocacy Description: The eight regional Agriculture Workers Alliance offices across Canada offer free services including: general labour rights, working conditions, health and safety, preparation of Canadian Income Tax...
Tags: Canadian Pension Plan, CPP, Employment Insurance, farm workers, general labour rights, health and safety, health cards., migrant workers, Parental Benefits, Quebec Pension Plan, tax returns, translation, worker's compensation, Workers’ Compensation, working conditions
Type(s) of Advocacy: Workers
Advocacy Description: A worker adviser or advocate office is typically an independent agency of the department responsible for health and safety in your jurisdiction but it may be appointed by a separate government...
Tags: injured workers, workers' advisors
Type(s) of Advocacy: Workers
Telephone: 705-324-5792
Mon - Fri 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST
Advocacy Description: Many Canadian workers don't know their rights at work and don't know where to get help. When a problem occurs with their employer they are left alone to fend for themselves. They feel powerless and...