Find An Advocate: Province-wide

Location: Halifax , NS , 6169 Quinpool Road
suite 221A
Type(s) of Advocacy: Housing and Tenants
Telephone: 902 406-4276
Advocacy Description: The mission of AHANS is to promote access to decent and affordable housing through its development and construction, retention and upgrading in all parts of the Province.
Location: Halifax , NS ,
Type(s) of Advocacy: Legal Aid, Legal Assistance
Advocacy Description: The Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission delivers most of its services via a network of 20 community-based law offices. The offices are staffed by salaried lawyers and, in certain situations,...
Tags: criminal law, family law, legal advice, legal aid, legal assistance
NS ,
Type(s) of Advocacy: Seniors and Elders
Advocacy Description: Senior Safety Programs address the safety concerns of seniors in Nova Scotia by: • promoting awareness about senior abuse prevention, crime prevention, and safety and health issues • enhancing...
NS ,
Type(s) of Advocacy: Women
Advocacy Description: Women`s Centres Connect! is a Nova Scotia association of women`s centres. They can provide information on resources, emotional support, referrals to appropriate community services and programs that...
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