November 15, 2010
According to recent government statistics released by the BC NDP, BC hospitals are acting as a form of social housing for people without homes. The data reveals a rising trend since 2001 of patients...
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International Alliance of Inhabitants
October 7, 2010
The International Alliance of Inhabitants is a global network of associations and social movements of inhabitants, cooperatives, communities, tenants, house owners, homeless, slum dwellers,...
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Pushed Out
September 22, 2010
A new study by the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) says that seniors on basic pensions and people on welfare can only afford 12% of the privately owned SRO hotel rooms in the Downtown...
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Terminal People
September 22, 2010
Read Terminal People, a well-written story about the many homeless who were displaced when the city of San Francisco closed a massive transit hub where they slept.
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August 27, 2010
Homeless people camped out on a boulevard in Victoria who are facing health risks due to unsanitary conditions, could have access to water and toilets if the funding was available. Thanks to a ruling...
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At Home
August 24, 2010
The At Home/Chez Soi project is a three year national project based on the Housing First approach. A total of 2285 homeless people living with a mental illness will participate. 1,325 people from...
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homeless connect edmonton
August 18, 2010
Homeless Connect is a community event bringing together agencies, businesses and volunteers, on one day and at one location, to provide a range of services which can help homeless people out of...
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August 17, 2010
The number of people finding housing under Edmonton's 10-year plan to end homelessness is twice as high as expected — but some are worried those people are rapidly being replaced on the streets. 900...
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Assets to Action
July 27, 2010
The Vision was developed over two years with input from a massive sample of 1200 Downtown Eastside (DTES) residents, in co-operation with many DTES groups. The process, led by the Carnegie Community...
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July 6, 2010
The front page of the Homeless Hub is featuring an interview with Penny Goldsmith, the Executive Coordinator of PovNet. Watch the video and read the transcript on the Homeless Hub website.
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