Immigrants and Refugees

People’s Citizenship Guide: A Response to Conservative Canada
March 22, 2012
In 2009, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government changed the contents of the official citizenship guide that is given to all recent immigrants. The new version contained a lot more military history...
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March 16, 2012
With housing prices at record levels, a University of British Columbia-led study finds that new Canadians are struggling to find adequate and affordable housing in the country’s three largest cities...
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March 6, 2012
This website is a portal, or clearinghouse, of Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI) resources and information for those who are working with and for the migrant workers in the Province of...
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November 1, 2011
The Social Rights Advocacy Centre (SRAC) have their fingers crossed for the Supreme Court to announce that it has done the right thing on Thursday November 3rd by agreeing to hear Nell Toussaint's...
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June 15, 2011
Compared to the Canadian-born, immigrants are under-represented among Canada’s homeless population, when their decline in economic wellbeing is considered alongside their relative absence in homeless...
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June 1, 2011
City Life/Vida Urbana is a community organization in Boston that has organized against evictions and for community controlled housing. They have long struggled for community control of local...
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June 1, 2011
The Mission of OCASI is to achieve equality, access and full participation for immigrants and refugees in every aspect of Canadian life. As a council of autonomous community-based agencies which...
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June 1, 2011
Funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Integration-Net is a communications, information and research tool to support the work of the Canadian settlement community. It also provides a...
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May 30, 2011
This centre is a settlement service agency for immigrants and refugees that also provides educational programs to help London, Ontario residents understand other cultures and learn about global...
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May 30, 2011
An umbrella organization of ethno-cultural associations and individuals in the Greater Moncton Area that is actively involved in the settlement and adjustment of new immigrants and refugees.
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