August 15, 2011
The Social Planning and Research Council of BC has released a report on serving aboriginal homeless persons in a culturally sensitive way. From the Executive Summary: Previous research has shown that...
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August 3, 2011
The B.C. Missing Women Inquiry will examine the question of why it took so long to investigate and apprehend convicted murderer Robert Pickton. The Attorney General for B.C., Barry Penner, has denied...
Keywords: Article , Human Rights, Indigenous, Violence, Women, British Columbia
July 6, 2011
The FNSDS is a non-profit society that provides support services to the Band Social Development Workers of BC who administer Income Assistance On-reserve for BC First Nation Communities. They provide...
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June 27, 2011
For the last month, members of the Downtown Eastside Power of Women group have been sharing their stories about hope, struggle, love and resistance in the Downtown Eastside on the Vancouver Media...
Keywords: Article , Art and Culture, Indigenous, Women, British Columbia
June 3, 2011
The Downtown Eastside Power of Women Group is launching the In Our Own Voices writing project in June 2011. After a six-week period of intensive writing, we are ready to share our stories about hope...
Keywords: Article , Art and Culture, Indigenous, Women, British Columbia
June 1, 2011
National Inuit Youth Council website gives youth and other visitors a chance to connect, open communications, raise awareness, hear what people think and feel and help each other. News, photos,...
Keywords: Online Resource , Children and Youth, Indigenous, inuit, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Organizations, Québec
June 1, 2011
Nunatsiaq News is an English-Inuktitut weekly newspaper that has served the people of [Nunavut] and the Nunavik region of Arctic Quebec since 1973.
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May 30, 2011
Spirit of Warrior Harriet Nahanee is a blog dedicated to actions and analysis surrounding the legacy of Harriet Nahanee, an elder who died working to expose and resist the destruction of the Olympics...
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May 30, 2011
First Nations and Land Rights and Environmentalism in BC.
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May 30, 2011
Think NDN is a weekly hour-long radio show on Co-op radio in Vancouver for and by Vancouver's Aboriginal community. Archives of the show are available at Coop Radio's website.
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