March 11, 2011
Lasa is a UK charity that helps organization give better welfare rights advice, use technology to deliver more effective and efficient services and influence policy on legal services. Lasa produces a...
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Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition
March 8, 2011
The Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition facilitates the elimination of poverty in the Yukon through awareness, advocacy and action. Our members are an action-based team who partner with other community...
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December 17, 2010
The Globe and Mail reports on what advocates have been reporting for months: problems with BC's welfare phone helpline have been creating long delays in payment, acceptance for welfare and disability...
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Poverty amid Plenty
December 17, 2010
Poverty Amid Plenty is a slideshow about welfare and poverty in British Columbia created by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). It features interviews with welfare recipients and...
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December 15, 2010
A new report from the National Council of Welfare (NCW) shows that welfare can be harder to get today than 20 years ago. This means more people were forced into destitution to qualify for welfare in...
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November 23, 2010
Metcalf Innovation Fellow John Stapleton has released a new report that explores the weaknesses in the design of North American social welfare institutions through the stories of two individuals. It...
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August 17, 2010
The National Council of Welfare has an interactive welfare incomes map that shows amount families, people with disabilities, and single people receive in provinces and territories across Canada.
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August 3, 2010
While the number of people on welfare in BC has dropped overall, Nanaimo has seen an increase of people on welfare and people who are unemployed.
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August 3, 2010
The Caledon Institute of Social Policy has put together a report on reforming welfare in New Brunswick. Reconstructing Social Assistance in New Brunswick: Vision and Action July 2010 The Government...
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Assets to Action
July 27, 2010
The Vision was developed over two years with input from a massive sample of 1200 Downtown Eastside (DTES) residents, in co-operation with many DTES groups. The process, led by the Carnegie Community...
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