Workers' Rights

November 24, 2008
Stepping Stone is a user-directed non-profit organization based in Halifax that provides supportive programs and services to former and current sex workers that contribute to their health, safety,...
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October 14, 2008
CLEO offers many text and audio guides on a variety of legal topics. These guides are available in several languages, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Simplified Chinese), Somali, Spanish,...
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October 5, 2008
PEI raised its minimum wage from $7.75 to $8.00 but advocates and poverty organizations say that it is still not enough for the basic necessities. A Statistics Canada report says average weekly wages...
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September 20, 2008
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September 8, 2008
The Agriculture Workers Alliance website has resources, links, publications, videos for agricultural workers and their allies about the rights of agriculture workers in Canada.
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August 27, 2008
While the BC Liberal government refuses to increase the minimum wage and protect some of the most vulnerable workers, they did decide to give senior government beaurocrats a massive pay raise -- an...
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June 22, 2008
CCPA has released a study called Cultivating Farmworker Rights: Ending the Exploitation of Immigrant and Migrant Farmworkers in BC. It reveals systematic violations of employment standards and health...
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May 20, 2008
In the last budget, the federal government promised to create a new independent body, the Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board to determine EI premium rates from 2009 and on. However,...
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February 13, 2008
The Caledon Institute has released a policy paper, Canadians Need a Medium-Term Sickness/Disability Income Benefit (in PDF) discussing the possibility of a new sickness or disability benefit. The...
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November 22, 2007
New Brunswick will be increasing the minimum wage to $7.75 and will continue to review the wage at least once a year to bring the wage in line with standards of living. (Read more on CBC, "N.B.'s...
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