Federated Anti-Poverty Groups of BC

The federated anti-poverty groups of BC (“fapg”) is an umbrella organization of over 130 groups as well as approximately 65 individual members concerned with poverty and social justice issues, and was incorporated in 1971. The purposes of fapg are:

(a) to educate the general public on the nature of poverty, its causes and effects;

(b) to provide low-income people with information about and assistance in obtaining available services and benefits;

(c) to promote the improvement of services and benefits for low-income people; and

(d) to work for the elimination of poverty in British Columbia and Canada.

The activities of fapg include an annual conference that deals with poverty and social justice issues. fapg also collects and distributes information on poverty and related issues and has acted as a resource for the Legal Services Society of BC, the Public Legal Education Society, and the Community Legal Assistance Society. fapg has appeared before various federal and provincial committees on issues of concern to low income persons. fapg responds to the media on issues of concern to its membership, and provides speakers for interested organizations. fapg maintains contact with anti-poverty, low income, and other social justice groups across Canada. For several years, fapg has held welfare rights and advocacy training workshops in BC.

Board members of fapg, through groups that each member is involved with, are responsible for monitoring specific issues such as housing, family violence, child apprehension, Pharmacare, unemployment, women’s issues, and issues of concern to persons with disabilities. Board members are also responsible for representing fapg to government and to the public.

fapg has been involved in a number of actions before various courts on issues concerning poverty, including Federated Anti-Poverty Groups of BC et al. v. Attorney-General of BC 1, Schaff v. The Queen 2, and Federated Anti-Poverty Groups of BC v. BC (Minister of Social Services)3. The organization has also presented submissions on behalf of low-income ratepayers before the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission and the B.C. Utilities Commission.

for more information on fapg contact gisele [at] pris [dot] ca (G. Guay.)