Legal claim under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and human rights legislation in Quebec regarding social assistance

Update: Court date for the challenge was heard October 29, 2001.

Updates on The Charter Committee on Poverty Issues (CCPI) Gosselin case as well as the facta of CCPI and the Attorney General of Ontario are available on the CCPI website. NDP's Alexa McDonough has written a letter to the Justice Minister asking him intervene directly on behalf of Canadian citizens’.

In 1989, Louise Gosselin went to court in Quebec to challenge draconian reductions in welfare imposed by Quebec's experiment in "workfare." Gosselin argued that her right to equality had been violated by grossly inadequate benefits imposed on the basis of her age (at the time, she was under 30 and defined as single and employable).

Read the National Association of Women and the Law's submission to the Supreme Court of Canada (in PDF).

Lisez le mémoire que L'Association de la Femme et du Droit a soumis à la Cour d’appel de la province de Québec (en PDF).

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