Poverty and the Federal Election

We are putting together some resources on poverty and the federal election. Check out the following resources to see how various organizations are trying to get poverty to be a federal election issue.

Good for Canada
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has put together the Good for Canada platform to highlight the high cost of income inequality in Canada. They use personal stories to look at how a good safety net, public programs, good jobs and progressive taxation can help end income inequality.

The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres: Federal Election 2015 Call to Action

The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres has issued a Federal Election 2015 Call to Action calling on all federal political parties to commit to four high-priority areas of action to improve health and healthcare:

  • Address income inequality and reduce poverty across Canada
  • Reduce homelessness and increase access to affordable housing
  • Establish national prescription drug coverage: Pharmacare
  • Increase access to Community Health Centres across Canada

They also have a letter and responses (and non-responses) from all the major parties.

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