Housing Coordinator with the Jewish Family Service Agency

Job Title: 
Housing Coordinator
Jewish Family Service Agency
Sep 30 2015 (All day)

3 days a week



Job Description: 

The Housing Coordinator provides direct assistance to Jewish and non-Jewish low-income persons and families with complex backgrounds that may inhibit finding and securing affordable housing.

The Housing Coordinator is responsible for working with clients and community partners in developing housing strategies, assessing housing barriers, exploring housing subsidies and locating affordable housing.

The Housing Coordinator is expected to be aware of current housing related issues in British Columbia on a continual basis.

Skills and Qualities Required: 

• Bachelor of Social Work or equivalent degree/experience
• Minimum of three years experience working with affordable and emergency housing resources in the Lower Mainland
• A strong understanding of poverty and experience working directly with clients on a limited income
• Experience advocating for with landlords, government and community agencies
• Familiarity with government, Jewish and general community resources
• Excellent listening skills
• Demonstrated effectiveness in dealing with a range of client-related concerns and demonstrated professionalism with all staff members
• Ability to learn about appropriate resources specific to Housing-related issues
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal, written and oral communication skills
• Ability to use Excel or to learn to use Excel spreadsheet
• Ability to learn new database and use it effectively
• Ability to prepare written reports, as requested
• Ability to maintain client case notes as required
• Positive and flexible attitude at the work site
• Ability to receive feedback and participate in supervision meetings
• Ability to respond efficiently to requests from Directors for reports or other requests
• Ability to adapt to a fast-paced and challenging environment
• Knowledge of Jewish culture and traditions
• Second language an asset

Duties and Responsibilities: 

• Serves as primary contact for housing assistance for clients and JFSA staff whose clients are in need of housing assistance
• Assess the housing needs and available resources of persons seeking aid
• Helps clients understand the available housing information and provide guidance in selecting a suitable option.
• Provides information regarding applicable housing regulations and housing programs to clients/case managers seeking advice.
• Maintains a list of appropriate affordable housing resources for the JFSA clients and members of the broader community
• Locates and secures affordable and accessible housing for individuals and families.
• Assists clients with obtaining housing documentation.
• Assists clients with navigating through appeals and arbitrations.
• Work with Tikva Housing Society, Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver, Canadian Jewish Congress, Yaffa Housing Society and other community partners to keep affordable housing needs on the agenda of the Jewish community.
• Sits as a member of any relevant Housing Committee as required.
• Performs database entry on each client session as directed by Clinical Director and/or Basic Resources Director
• Maintains all records and prepares reports on housing placement, i.e. each quarter
• Prepares and participates in both clinical meetings with team and individual supervision meetings each month.

How to Apply: 

Please submit your cover letter and resume for confidential consideration to the attention of Alan Stamp, Clinical Director at IDordjieva [at] jfsa [dot] ca or fax: 604.257.5148.


Vancouver, BC
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