Would you like to support the work that PovNet does?

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters:

Have you heard of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge? For the month of June, there's a fantastic opportunity to show your support for a non-profit of your choice and in doing so, help them win $10,000 towards what they do best. I know everyone is busy, but please take a few minutes to read this.

I have been involved with PovNet for 16 years, as an advocate, facilitator, contractor and now as Executive Coordinator. I was extremely grateful for the support I received from PovNet when I was just starting out as an advocate in a small rural community and am very proud of the opportunity I was given to join the PovNet team. I am passionate about what we do and proud of the tools and resources we provide to those who work so tirelessly to make life better for others.

PovNet is a BC based online community that uses technology to provide tools and training to advocates who help those living in poverty. PovNet operates on a very limited budget and has just one full-time Coordinator and 2 part-time contractors. Although we are very proud of what we are able to do with so little, we need your support to keep meeting the needs of community advocates and those struggling to find the tools and resources to fight poverty and access justice.

The advocates that PovNet support, help people fight illegal evictions, help families access benefits when they are without food, shelter or medication, help the elderly apply for support services to keep them safe and fight for rights on a daily basis that many of us take for granted. Many advocates are geographically isolated and work alone. PovNet provides training and has built an online network that links advocates and social justice lawyers with each other so that they can collaborate and support each other to provide the best possible service to those who need it most.

When we asked community advocates what PovNet meant to them, here's what they shared:

"PovNet fosters a community amongst advocates, united in the common goal of fighting inequality."
"Without the camaraderie and sense of community, I'd feel really isolated in my work."
"PovNet allows us to share our knowledge and experience, that can only come from working in the trenches."
"PovNet U is a vital resource for advocates to participate in web based training directly related to the issues clients are bringing to us for help."
"PovNet has been my lifeline since I began as a Legal Advocate two years ago. I really don’t think I could have done it without the support of PovNet."
"I particularly benefit from the carefully reasoned arguments and precedents our experts post."

Imagine a world where there is no one to help. Help without the right information, training and support is like that.

If you would like to show your support, you can do so in the following ways:

  • If you can afford as little as $3, we would be most grateful for your support of this campaign.
  • Share this with your friends and networks and those who you think might like the opportunity to learn more about Povnet and support the work we do, whether that's through a donation or spreading the message even farther.
  • Become a monthly donor to PovNet and support the work we do on an ongoing basis.
  • $10 helps us maintain our website and provide information and referral resources to the public and advocacy community.
  • $25 helps pay for the technical support to run a PovNet email list.

    PovNet’s email lists connect advocates with each other, and with social justice lawyers, in a confidential space so that they can offer each other advice on complex issues, share information about common concerns, and find solutions to common problems.

  • $50 helps PovNet build and maintain advocapedia

    advocapedia is PovNet’s newest tool. We are creating a secure, legal wiki advocates can access to learn about legal topics in poverty law, and share resources like submissions, decisions, and other precedents with each other.

  • $100 pays for an advocate to take a PovNetU course.

    PovNetU is PovNet’s educational arm. PovNetU runs courses that develop advocates’ knowledge in specific areas like welfare or housing law, or residential health care. PovNetU courses are facilitated by experienced advocates and lawyers so that participants can get feedback on exercises and assignments, and include discussion boards so that advocates can learn together and build a support network.

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Every $ you donate in June qualifies us to win $10,000!

Thank you for your continued support!

Nicky Dunlop, Executive Co-ordinator