Program Training Assistant, Helping Spirit Lodge Society

Job Title: 
Program Training Assistant
Helping Spirit Lodge Society
May 15 2017 - 5:00pm

Four days a week

Job Description: 

The Second-Stage Program Manager of Spirit Way provides the planning, coordination and overall leadership and administration of Spirit Way Second Stage Program. The Manager will ensure day-to-day operations of the program are carried out in a professional and efficient manner with attention to confidentiality and in compliance with Helping Spirit Lodge Society's mission statement, goals and objectives, policies and philosophy. The manager is responsible to train and supervise the staff team at Spirit Way Second Stage Program.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Carry out the purpose and objectives of the Helping Spirit Lodge Society
To be knowledgeable of all emergency procedures and act in all emergencies
To be responsible for the security and control of the building including overseeing access
Strong proposal writing skills to expand, enhance programming for Spirit Way Second Stage
Strong rent calculation and reporting skills as per funding requirements
Maintain a current awareness of developments in assigned areas of responsibility as they relate to second-stage transition programs
To provide prompt service to program participants while working within the guiding principles of Helping Spirit Lodge Society.
To ensure that the needs of the program participants of Spirit Way Second Stage Program are met in a professional, supportive and caring manner
Provide direction to the Spirit Way team in the area of safety and security
Provide support to the Executive Director and/or other management staff in recruiting, selecting and orienting new staff.
Provide feedback and support to staff on policies, procedures, techniques or other matters arising in the program.
In conjunction with the Executive Director and Accountant, ensures that the program functions within the operating budget for the year and assists the Executive Director in the preparation of the budget with reporting and projected planning of all Spirit Way expenses

How to Apply: 

Contact: reception [at] hsls [dot] ca


Vancouver, BC