Casual/Relief Kitchen Trainer for Downtown Eastside Women's Centre

Job Title: 
Casual/Relief Kitchen Trainer
Downtown Eastside Women's Centre
Dec 31 2017 - 5:00pm

Casual/ Relief



Job Description: 

The Relief Kitchen Trainer will ensure the provision of the food program within the drop-in Centre. She will work with Centre volunteers in all aspects of the Kitchen including the planning, preparation and serving of up to 400 meals per day.

The integration of a community-based approach into the DEWC with the goal being the engagement of Centre Members involvement in the functioning and responsibility of the Kitchen is the primary guiding principle in this position.

The Relief Kitchen Trainer is to follow an established training program for Centre Volunteers in all aspects of cooking in a busy and chaotic drop-in Centre. These tasks include: meal planning and preparation; stock taking / ordering; cleaning and maintenance; and successful interpersonal and customer service skills.

Skills and Qualities Required: 

o Familiarity with the Downtown Eastside Community and an ability to work with a diverse community of women
o Experience and confidence working within a busy and chaotic environment
o A combination of 3 - 5 years experience in cooking, meal planning, and nutrition
o Crisis intervention and conflict resolution skills required
o Ability to work independently and as a contributing member of a staff team
o Food Safe Level I minimum - First Aid/CPR Training requirement
o Women with addiction issues must be 2 years clean and sober

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Meal Preparation: The ability to prep, cook, and serve meals to over 400 women per day in a busy, chaotic and fast-paced environment. Ensures food quality and respectful service to DEWC members.

Volunteer Support: Actively participates as a team member of the volunteer program in collaboration with the Skills Development Coordinator to support, train and manage volunteers from the community. Responsible for communicating effectively and respectfully with volunteers and mediating conflicts as they occur.

Conflict Resolution/Crisis Management: Manages crises between, within and among kitchen volunteers, staff, and members including the mentoring of a variety of stress coping skills. Individual maintains a culture of ‘people helping people help themselves’. Communicates effectively and respectfully with women in crisis and refers members to appropriate Centre staff.

In Centre Participation: Contributes regularly within the staff team by: attending staff meetings, development and training, special events, hiring, evaluation, and Centre committees. Works collaboratively with Centre staff ensuring effective communications and team approach values in the smooth operation of the DEWC.

How to Apply: 

Maggie Lam at hr [at] dewc [dot] ca


Vancouver, BC