Access Probono
October 31, 2011
The mission of the Access Pro Bono Society of British Columbia is to promote access to justice in British Columbia by providing and fostering quality pro bono legal services for people and non-profit...
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June 1, 2011
The Transgender Heath Program was launched by Vancouver Coastal Health to improve the transgender community's access to quality health and social care. Their site has a range of online resources: a...
Keywords: Online Resource , Health, Transgender health, British Columbia, Government information, Services
May 30, 2011
Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS) provides a number of legal and advocacy services in the areas of disability, mental, human rights and poverty.
Keywords: Online Resource , CLAS, Legal Aid, Legal Research, British Columbia, Organizations, Services
May 30, 2011
Pacific Immigrant Resources Society (PIRS) is a non-profit, community-based organization that has been providing services for immigrant women and their young children in Vancouver since 1975.
Keywords: Online Resource , ESL, Immigrants/Refugees/Newcomers, newcomers, Women, Youth, British Columbia, Organizations, Programs and courses, Services
May 30, 2011
Women Against Violence Against Women is a non-profit organization that provides sexual assault services to women in Vancouver. They operate within a feminist and anti-oppressive framework and are...
Keywords: Online Resource , Aboriginal/First Nations/Inuit, rape crisis centre, Violence, Women, Women, Youth, British Columbia, Organizations, Services
May 30, 2011
Vancouver Women's Health Collective is a collective of women who advocate for changes in women's health care. They have a practitioner/therapist directory, hold workshops and provide other...
Keywords: Online Resource , Health, Health, Women, Women, British Columbia, General resources, Organizations, Services
May 30, 2011
Community Resource Connections of Toronto website is a comprehensive source of information for mental health consumers/survivors, family members and service providers.
Keywords: Online Resource , Health, Mental Health, Ontario, Organizations, Services
May 30, 2011
This federal government website is loaded with useful information for Canadian seniors. Comme le titre suggére, ce site est rempli avec de l'information utile pour les aînés.
Keywords: Online Resource , Bilingual, Seniors and Elders, Seniors and Elders, Government information, All of Canada, Services
May 30, 2011
This centre is a settlement service agency for immigrants and refugees that also provides educational programs to help London, Ontario residents understand other cultures and learn about global...
Keywords: Online Resource , Immigrants and Refugees, settlement services, Ontario, Organizations, Services
May 30, 2011
Multilingual Community Interpreter Services is a registered non-profit agency that provides interpretation services to non-English/French speakers who are victims of Domestic Violence when accessing...
Keywords: Online Resource , Family, Immigrants and Refugees, Violence, Ontario, Services
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