Support Worker Central
February 18, 2010
Support Worker Central is an online database designed to match individuals, families and agencies with support workers in their communities.
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February 1, 2010
The Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal hears appeals of the Ministry of Housing and Social Development reconsideration decisions that refuse, reduce or discontinue income, disability...
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October 19, 2009
Housing Listings is a resource directory put together by BC Housing that provides maps and addresses of subsidized housing developments for families, seniors and people with disabilities across the...
Keywords: Online Resource , Disability, Family, Housing and Tenancy, housing listings, Seniors and Elders, social housing, subsidized housing, British Columbia, Directories
October 8, 2009
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits provide a monthly taxable benefit to contributors who are disabled and to their dependent children.
Keywords: Applications/Forms , Canadian Pension Plan, CPP, Disability, disability benefits, Pensions, All of Canada
August 18, 2009
Income Support Benefits include basic and non-basic financial supports such as: Basic Benefits: Family and Individual Benefit (to assist with expenses such as food, clothing, personal care,...
Keywords: Applications/Forms , Disability, disability assistance, financial support, support benefits, Welfare, Newfoundland
May 13, 2009
The special diet allowance is intended to help people on social assistance who require a special diet because of a medical condition.
Keywords: Applications/Forms , Disability, special diet, Ontario
May 13, 2009
The Ontario Ministry says the Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support helps people with disabilities who are in financial need pay for living expenses, like food and housing.
Keywords: Applications/Forms , Disability, disability, income support, ontario disability support program, Ontario
April 21, 2009
Clicklaw is a website aimed at enhancing access to justice in British Columbia. It features legal information and education, but it is not a site of laws. Instead, Clicklaw features legal information...
Keywords: Online Resource , Aboriginal/First Nations/Inuit, abuse, court, Debt and Consumer Law, Disability, Employment, Employment Insurance (EI), Family, family law, family violence, Health, Housing and Tenancy, Immigrants/Refugees/Newcomers, Legal Aid, Legal Info, legal problems, Seniors and Elders, Welfare, wills, Women, Youth, British Columbia, Gateways
April 16, 2009
VNHS’s mandate is to provide safe, secure and affordable housing. Although the organization's original and ongoing mandate is to focus on the housing needs of the urban Aboriginal community they have...
Keywords: Applications/Forms , aboriginal housing, Aboriginal/First Nations/Inuit, Disability, Housing and Tenancy, low income housing, Seniors and Elders, social housing, Women, Youth, British Columbia
April 11, 2009
The Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB) category recognizes individuals who are unable to achieve financial independence because of specific barriers to employment. The Persons with...
Keywords: Applications/Forms , Disability, disability assistance, Welfare, British Columbia
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