Seniors and Elders

April 7, 2009
The Pharmacare and Extended Benefits program is designed to assist registered senior citizens with the cost of dental care, eye care, medical-surgical supplies and equipment and drug costs. The...
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October 14, 2008
CLEO offers many text and audio guides on a variety of legal topics. These guides are available in several languages, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Simplified Chinese), Somali, Spanish,...
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August 11, 2008
The directory was created in response to older adults' direct requests about housing options. After speaking with thousands of older adults and defining their housing needs, the Seniors Services...
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July 20, 2008
The Advocacy Centre for The Elderly is a community based legal clinic for low income senior citizens. Their website has information and faqs on elder abuse, home care, nursing homes, pensions and...
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June 9, 2008
Kelowna Community Resources is a searchable online database of community resources from across the central Okanagan.
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June 9, 2008
Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) is a non-profit organization, established in 1989 by and for families committed to future planning and securing a good life for their relative with a...
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May 23, 2008
The Guaranteed Income Supplement provides additional money, on top of the Old Age Security pension, to low-income seniors living in Canada. To be eligible for the GIS benefit, you must be receiving...
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May 23, 2008
A CPP retirement pension is a monthly benefit paid to people who have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan. The pension is designed to replace about 25 percent of the earnings on which a person's...
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